addi Quick Is Back – Now with supercharged motor and improved cord! – 9/4/14


Supercharge your felting! With the patented addi Quick felting tool, you can make accessories, ornaments, figures, and even felted shoes in the blink of an eye. The addi Quick is a workhorse, and boasts a rapid needle insertion of 2,500 depressions per minute. Thus, fabrics and fibers will felt in the blink of an eye! You can applique yarn onto knit or felted surfaces, embellish toys and art pieces, and create fashion items in a fraction of the time it would take if done by hand with a conventional felting needle. Plus, no need to worry about repetitive stress injury when you are using the addi Quick!

The addi Quick Needle Felting Pen is covered by a 6 month warranty.

Please note: this model is the North American version and operates with 110v current.

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